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Good news and bad news

Good news. I am feeling marginally less vile than I was. Rather than feeling like I might be sick at any moment, I’d say that’s reduced to 50% of the time, and particularly when coughing. Bad news: my pelvis has … Continue reading

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There goes my life.

I’m sat in a car park, in Street, Somerset. Mum thought it would be “good for me” to get out because it’s a lovely day today. I feel like death. I want to sleep. Normally I would love to go … Continue reading

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Stop it. Just stop it.

Stop the ride, I want to get off. I am writing this whilst sitting on the bathroom floor. I feel lightheaded and sick. I am doing breathing exercises, but I feel as if I am made of lead and can’t … Continue reading

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It’s the little things

Took my tablet before bed. Went into the kitchen to fill up my hot water bottle, and was punished for the crime of stirring my mother’s malted milk drink by an impressive display of oral pyrotechnics over the kitchen sink. … Continue reading

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You know you’ve got Hyperemesis when…

…you eat foods based on how they will taste on the way back up as well as the way down. …you make a list of things you will eat when it’s all over. …the first thing you do on entering … Continue reading

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Absolutely bricking it.

About 5 months ago, my husband’s cousin arranged to come over from the USA with his new girlfriend. This weekend we were supposed to all be going up to London to Stamford Bridge to see Chelsea play – we have … Continue reading

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For the writers of the What to Expect app

I want to make you throw up on an hourly basis for starting this week’s entry “Feeling better yet?” Gits.

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This pregnancy so far

I just realised I promised you a rundown of what I have had happen so far in the past 12 weeks, that has made me write this blog. We’d been trying for a second for a couple of months, so … Continue reading

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Everyone’s feelings are valid.

Once thing that struck me reasonably late in my last pregnancy is the fact that just because I am pregnant, doesn’t take away my right to feel out of control and utterly at the mercy of my body. We went … Continue reading

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Thank heavens for that

Yesterday was Scan Day. It’s not a litter of puppies, in fact, it’s not multiple anything. Thank. goodness. It is, however, a baby. And one that is measuring within 2 days of its EDD. It was kicking, and had a … Continue reading

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