There goes my life.

I’m sat in a car park, in Street, Somerset. Mum thought it would be “good for me” to get out because it’s a lovely day today.

I feel like death. I want to sleep. Normally I would love to go outlet shopping. Instead, I am sat in a car, with a lap rug, an empty ice cream tub and a bottle of water for company.

I just watched my Mum load the Boy into his pushchair, and trundle him off into the hustle and bustle of the shops. I really felt “there goes someone else with my life” just then. It’s really upset me.


About therubbishpregno

30-something Mum to a toddler. I am pregnant, and I am rubbish at it. My body doesn't seem to be able to cope with daily life as well as pregnancy, so I have had to put my life on hold while I grow another person...
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One Response to There goes my life.

  1. Sometimes “getting out” into the “fresh air” can do more harm than good. If you can find a copy in the UK, I really reccomend getting Beyond Morning Sickness. (I just reviewed it on my blog on Sunday)

    There is a whole section dedicated to helpers and giving them pointers on what actually can help an HGer. Fresh air is not one of those things. 😦

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