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Saw my lovely, lovely osteopath today. Her name is Vikki. A lot of what I have been experiencing has now been explained. My left shoulder is pretty much shot to pieces. It’s so unreasonably painful, and I now know why. … Continue reading

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What a crappy start to the day. My darling boy (who usually sleeps in until 8.30 or 9am) decided to wake me up at 7.30m today. The immediate result of such a loss of sleep was for me to throw … Continue reading

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The CrapAtPregnancy Confessional

It’s come to my gradual attention over the past couple of years, that a lot of what society believes about children, childbirth and pregnancy is actually a lot of rose-tinted time-altered rumour and supposition. I thought I would start off … Continue reading

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The best thing about being pregnant…

Is the nails. I have crappy, weak, flaky, brittle nails normally. At the moment I am sporting a glossy set of proper talons! I keep having to trim them to stop me lacerating the toddler. In other news, I am … Continue reading

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Midwife visit

Saw the midwife on Monday. The hospital lost my blood results. Marvellous. This means that I have to go and get stabbed in the arm again. Just marvellous. Having blood taken is on my top 10 things I like to … Continue reading

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Embarrassing issues.

One thing I truly did not realise before having my first child, was the utter havoc that can be wreaked by pushing a child out through your pelvic floor. More havoc can be wreaked, if, like my son, you decide … Continue reading

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4 months.

I am 17 weeks today. Which, to my mind, is 4 months. That sounds further along than 17 weeks. So I’m going with it. I saw the GP on Monday with my list of woes. Possible UTI, annoying cough, dull … Continue reading

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