The best thing about being pregnant…

Is the nails. I have crappy, weak, flaky, brittle nails normally. At the moment I am sporting a glossy set of proper talons! I keep having to trim them to stop me lacerating the toddler.

In other news, I am home. For a week. I am feeling a LOT better, but there’s a long way to go yet. I am still on the drugs, still feeling sick, but I have conquered the changing nappies thing by wearing a scarf with karvol/olbas oil in a tissue stuffed under my nose, tied around my face. I look a little bit like some sort of mugger or highway robber, but WHO CARES. I can change manky toddler nappies, me. Woohoo!


About therubbishpregno

30-something Mum to a toddler. I am pregnant, and I am rubbish at it. My body doesn't seem to be able to cope with daily life as well as pregnancy, so I have had to put my life on hold while I grow another person...
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