No. No no no no no.

It’s been a bit of a shit week here so far. And it’s only Wednesday.

Monday has seen the Boy come down with a nasty case of conjunctivitis. Wrestling eye-drops into him has been a less than fun experience. Seeing him just sit and whimper and sob because his eyes hurt has nearly broken my heart.

Tuesday was spent with me feeling generally rough (lack of sleep) and trying to wrestle eye drops into the boy A bad night’s sleep also made my pelvis bad. I stupidly picked the Boy up and carried him for 5 metres on Monday. Paid the price all yesterday.

Today, I have just properly thrown up. I hadn’t been sick in ages as well. Hence the radio silence on the blog – I felt like I may not be as shit at pregnancy as I thought I was, and started to feel as if I were a bit of a fraud.

On the suggestion of the GP I’ve started to reduce my anti-emetics. I’ve been taking them 1-2 times a day – pretty much only when I feel pukey and grim. This morning I have spent a period of time with my head over the kitchen sink, throwing up as much as my stomach was full of (not much). Whilst I was there I cleaned the sink as the lemon cleaner smelt nicer than “unclean sink”. Staving off nausea has turned me into a product sniffer. When confronted with a smell of something nasty and organic, I try to find something else, stronger, less gross nearby. I smell washing up liquid, toothpaste, shaving foam, coffee, lemons, cordial, disinfectant, mouthwash, bubble bath… Oh dear.

I’ve nearly run out of my meds so it’s back to the GP today at 2pm to get more. Feel like a bit of a failure to be honest. Im crap at pregnancy and I’m also crap at fighting back and getting better.

I’ve run out of Milky Way Magic Stars now, which is catastrophic for the eye drops on the Boy, as it is only the promise of those afterwards that buys his compliance. Gah. I’m off to the Osteopath at midday today, to fix my back and pelvis, I’ll get some more then I think. I really hope tomorrow and Friday are better than the luck I’ve had so far this week.

I got my letter from the consultant saying that if the scan at 34 weeks shows my placenta has cleared the lower segment of the uterus (low lying placenta) then she is happy to discharge me back to the care of the GP/Midwife teams. At least that’s something in my favour.




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30-something Mum to a toddler. I am pregnant, and I am rubbish at it. My body doesn't seem to be able to cope with daily life as well as pregnancy, so I have had to put my life on hold while I grow another person...
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2 Responses to No. No no no no no.

  1. Bryony says:

    I’ve wanted to leave a comment before but couldn’t see a button – just found it whilst catching up with your latest writings.

    I’m so sorry, you must feel back to square one – but you’re not you know? You’re over half way now, you’ve made it this far, you’ve got several regular appointments to keep you busy. I am hoping hard though, that your meds keep on top of it this time and the sickness stays at bay for the next 18 or so weeks.

    Big love to you and your beautiful boy, I hope he feels better soon too xxx

  2. Lucy Brett says:

    Oh love. The puking must be just terrible. Really hope things feel more manageable soon and the little lad is feeling better.

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