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Bugger me, I only went and had a baby!

In short, the little minx turned up this morning, in a very timely fashion, ensuring that both of my pregnancies ended at 38+3, hers literally only 10 minutes longer than her brothers. Shall tell all just as soon as I … Continue reading

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Let the waiting commence.

Um, yeah, so that moaning I’ve been doing about everything for the past 48 hours? It may have been The Arse. The Arse is a phenomenon well known amongst the online community I frequent. It refers to the very end … Continue reading

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Crap at being patient

Lying in bed, considering how uncomfortable I have to be before the pain forces me to get up. I’m crap at waiting, as well as everything else. We’ve got the cot built (a bedside one), clothes washed, nappies ready, muslins … Continue reading

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Made it!

I can’t believe that it’s taken me 37 weeks of being crap at pregnancy to get around to downloading the WordPress app for my iPhone. I am celebrating the downloading of said app, and also the fact that I’ve made … Continue reading

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